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Discover Eco-Friendly Cycling Socks for the Conscious Cyclist

At nologo, we’re proud to offer cycling socks made from 100% recyclable yarn. Our sustainable socks are crafted with eco-friendly materials, ensuring a guilt-free addition to your apparel collection. But we don’t stop there – our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging. You’ll find that our socks come in sustainable, recycled, and eco-friendly packaging, as we aim to minimize our environmental impact. Furthermore, nologo avoids repetitive packaging, reducing unnecessary waste and emphasizing our dedication to sustainable practices.

Choose nologo for cycling socks that protect both your feet and the planet. Our socks are crafted with recyclable fabrics, providing a breathable and cushioned experience. What’s more, our supply chain is built on ethical and fair trade principles, ensuring that every pair of socks is ethically made. Our yarn is BLUESIGN® certified, giving you the peace of mind that our products are not only comfortable but also ecologically responsible. Discover the conscious step towards eco-friendly and sustainable socks with nologo.

When we established our brand, we made sure to not only focus on creating unique products that excel in both performance and style, but also on finding ways to minimize waste and use materials that can be easily recycled. Our commitment to environmental responsibility drives us to prioritize the issue of reducing plastic waste in our business practices.

100% recyclable yarn of nologo cycling socks

Our cycling socks are made from 100% recyclable yarn, reflecting our dedication to sustainability. We have sought out partnerships with like-minded organizations and ensured that our products adhere to the rigorous BLUESIGN® certification standards, made possible through eco-friendly production methods.

The yarn we use for making our socks has exceptionally low water and power consumption, and it does not pollute the air, water, or soil. Moreover, the final yarn product is 100% recyclable, which helps us maintain ecological balance in our business area.

Please refer to the detailed information about the yarn used in our sock production.

Environmentally friendly packaging made from recycled materials

Our next step towards eco-friendliness involves packaging. Since June 2020, we have successfully avoided using foil packaging. Instead, we collaborate with packaging suppliers who provide us with eco-friendly envelopes and bags made from recycle paper.

nologo is committed to reducing repetitive packaging.

Every order is packed in bulk, allowing us to minimize the environmental impact by using only one envelope and one paper bag per shipment. We have replaced bubble envelopes with durable, thick envelopes made from recycled paper, maintaining packaging strength while eliminating the use of plastic materials.

Join us in taking the conscious step towards eco-friendly cycling gear. Explore our range of sustainable socks today and pedal towards a greener future with nologo.

tatra mountains panorama where our eco friendly cycling socks yarn is made

The breathtaking panorama of the Tatra Mountains, where the eco-friendly yarn for our cycling socks, PROLEN, is meticulously crafted.

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