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Gravel Cycling Socks

Discover unparalleled comfort: nologo Gravel Cycling Socks.

Elevate your gravel adventures with nologo Gravel Cycling Socks – the symbol of innovation in the world of cycling gear. Our brand new gravel cycling socks have been specially designed to meet the requirements of long off-road riding, where, in addition to shocks, the feet are exposed to dust, mud and temperature differences. We introduced a number of innovations to obtain the best possible product. From our signature minimalist design to the unique construction and material blend, nologo Gravel Socks stand out as the ideal choice for cyclists seeking the perfect sock for all terrain performance.

Material Mastery: crafting comfort and durability for rugged terrain.

The secret behind nologo Gravel Cycling Socks is composition of different yarn weaves and density, where every fiber is carefully chosen to prioritize comfort and durability. The socks are made from a high performance antibacterial prolen yarn that not only keeps your feet dry but also ensures soft touch feel. The focus on durability makes these socks resilient against the rigors of off-road trails, providing a reliable companion for every gravel adventure.

Cycling socks designed for riding in dust, mud, stones and off-road in general are exposed to difficult terrain conditions. Durable Prolen Yarn, from which nologo socks are made, allows to forget about moisture absorption and permanent dirt. Thanks to this fact, we can use virtually any color of the sock and be sure that it will look good after each wash. However, our idea is to keep the terrain context, which is why nologo gravel socks are offered mostly in earthy colors.

Maximizing breathability and vibration absorption for off road performance.

The dense mesh weave – the key feature that sets nologo gravel collection apart in off-road cycling. The incorporation of this type of breathable mesh ensures ventilation and thermal comfort in wide temperature spectrum, allowing your feet to stay cool and comfortable even in the most challenging terrains. It’s a game-changer, providing a lightweight feel and temperature regulation for a ride that adapts seamlessly to the demands of gravel trails.

Our gravel socks differ mainly in the design of the bottom of the sock. It’s thicker and made of a special knitted weave, that absorbs vibrations. In addition, the heel area is strengthened and the upper is equipped with a wide, pressure-free cuff. This whole set of properties distinguishes our new gravel socks from socks intended for the road.

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