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White Gravel Cycling Socks


Gravel cycling socks – ultimate comfort for your feet in all terrain conditions. Developing the new model, we had one goal – to achieve the highest possible off-road performance. Thanks to this, our gravel cycling socks can face many kilometers of racing and off-road adventures. The design meets expectations of many different off-road disciplines too. The socks are also great for XC MTB, cyclocross and all forms of extreme mountain biking.

Reasons to buy:

  • Engineered for ultimate off-road performance
  • Exceptionally breathable for your feet comfort
  • Durability proven in long rides in rough terrain
  • nologo’s timeless style tailored for gravel explorers

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Attributes of White Gravel Cycling Socks:


white + black nologo over toes


S (36-39), M (40-43), L (44-47)

calf length:

S (36-39): 23 +/- 1,5cm
M (40-43): 25 +/- 1,5cm
L (44-47): 27 +/- 1,5cm
measured from the floor upwards

the socks are made of:

97% Polypropylene
3% Elastane
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other instructions:

Machine wash 30°C, Do not tumble dry, Do not iron, Do not bleach, Do not dry clean

White gravel cycling socks by nologo: all-terrain masterpiece

Our gravel cycling socks are equipped with a number of precisely engineered for off-road riding. The new Gravel sock is developed from scratch – the weave of our state-of-the-art Prolen Yarn is redesigned and the sock has completely new sole and heel construction. All these structural updates resulted in a 100% new model that check all the boxes in terms of off-road riding comfort. Here’s what we did:

  • Vibration absorbing sole: We used a thick cushion on the sole to better absorb vibrations and prevent the foot from sliding in the shoe.
  • Strong heel: It has been significantly strengthened so it can survive even in the case of contact with sand or mud. It is way more durable and designed to prevent abrasions.
  • Comfortable shank: In the upper part of the sock, we have used a wide, pressure-free cuff to improve comfort on long off-road trips.
  • Brand new weave construction: A structured weave of yarn to better protect the legs from the impact of stones.

When introducing all these changes, we have not forgotten about the most important features of our socks. nologo gravel cycling socks are still lightweight, fit perfectly, wick moisture, dry super quickly and perfectly regulate the temperature to keep your feet in the ultimate comfort.

Why are gravel cycling socks designed in a different way?

Gravel socks are specific because they are designed to meet the unique needs of cycling on gravel roads. These socks are made of durable PROLEN®YARN fibers to withstand the rigors of gravel biking and ensure maximum comfort and breathability. Gravel bikes provide the freedom and adventure that comes with exploring off-road paths, and gravel socks are tailored to support this experience.

The renewed construction of gravel socks provides extra cushioning and protection for the feet, crucial for the demanding terrain that gravel biking offers. With gravel socks, cyclists can take on the challenges of gravel roads with confidence, knowing they have the support and comfort they need for their adventurous rides.

Next-level comfort, same eco-friendly approach

Despite the ground-up redesign, we continue to prioritize sustainability and future thinking. By incorporating PROLEN®YARN, a material which is 100% recyclable, we underline our commitment to reducing environmental impact. While our gravel socks are engineered from ground up for peak performance on adventurous trails, they are also a testament to our dedication to preserving the beauty of the great outdoors for generations to come.

Read more our tips on how to choose cycling socks for your riding style.

Put on with: basically any colour of clothing
Try to wash only with whites to maintain that perfect white color

nologo gravel logo
36 - 39
40 - 43
44 - 47
23 - 25
25.5 - 28
28.5 - 30.5
3.5 - 6
6.5 - 9
9.5 - 11.5
5.5 - 8
8.5 - 11
11.5 - 13.5
3.5 - 6
6.5 - 9
9.5 - 11.5
25 +/- 1,5cm
27 +/- 1,5cm
29 +/- 1,5cm

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nologo gravel white cycling socks: ideal for rugged off-road trails

White Gravel Cycling Socks


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