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Classic Cycling Socks

Our best classic cycling socks for all kinds of weather
When it comes to choosing the most suitable cycling socks, the most classy option is to choose from a wide selection of one-color cycling socks. Monochromatic cycling socks are europro cyclist’s choice, demonstrating good taste and emphasizing individualism. At nologo – the cycling socks experts, you can find the perfect pair that matches your personal style and preferences and will also help to enhacnce comfort and performance when riding your bike. Whether you prefer a pop of color or a more understated look, there is a design to suit any of your kits. We have been building our classic cycling socks portfolio continuously since 2017, when we developed our classic model and introduced it to the market. Since then the best seller is plain white cycling socks, but we already offer a total of 24 colors! We try to match our socks to the latest trends in cycling style. Each season brings something new!
What should be the height of classic cycling socks?
Another crucial aspect to ponder is the height of the cycling socks. The ideal length can vary from cyclist to cyclist, but generally, a hi-length sock is popular as it offers a balance of coverage, breathability and style. When creating our socks, we paid special attention to the fact that the cycling sock is a key element of the sport’s fashion. We are fully aware that the height of the sock has a huge impact on how a well-trained cycling calf looks. Socks with a cuff that sits comfortably at the mid-point of the calf are favored by many riders for their all-around comfort and performance. Our Classic model is carefully designed to fit perfectly in the UCI legal length range therefore the perfect height is guaranteed.
Which cycling socks to choose? There is over 20 models!
Socks are selected primarily on the basis of the temperature at which they will be used. If you plan to buy socks for the main part of the season where the temperatures range vary from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius – we recommend choosing our classic socks. If the temperature drops below 10 degrees, there are also merino cycling socks in our brand’s portfolio.

When deciding which cycling socks to choose, factors such as moisture wicking technology, durable fabric, and a comfortable fit should also be taken into account. Selecting socks that feature moisture-wicking properties is key, as they help keep your feet dry and prevent discomfort during long rides. Additionally, socks made from a blend of technical fabrics such as polypropylene mesh provide excellent breathability, ensuring that moisture is kept away from your skin, especially during warmer weather.
Classic cycling socks are our most universal proposition.
They will prove themselves in any type of cycling during warm days. Our socks are designed to ensure optimal heat management in wide temperature spectrum. The socks are made of the highest quality PROLEN yarn, about the properties of which you can read in our information post – the yarn of nologo cycling socks. The yarn is an unique material that is lightweight, breathable and guarantees exceptional durability.

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