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Classic Blue Cycling Socks


Ideal for warm-to-hot weather, our classic blue cycling socks excel in breathability and durability. Mesh construction at the top and hi-density fabric at the footbed ensure optimal performance. Precisely engineered for long-distance comfort, nologo classic socks feature flatbed stitching and utilize high-end yarn that is twice as light as cotton, enhancing moisture management for a delightfully smooth ride.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Engineered for your utmost satisfaction
  • Optimal Breathability provided by the finest fabric
  • Customer-proven strength and longevity
  • Timeless Style – nologo’s minimal design

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Attributes of Classic Blue Cycling Socks:


blue + white nologo over toes


36-38, 39-41, 42-44, 45-47

calf length:

36-38: 23 +/- 1,5cm
39-41: 25 +/- 1,5cm
42-44: 27 +/- 1,5cm
45-47: 29 +/- 1,5cm
measured from the floor upwards

the socks are made of:

97% Polypropylene
3% Elastane
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other instructions:

Machine wash 30°C, Do not tumble dry, Do not iron, Do not bleach, Do not dry clean

Blue cycling socks – the most liked colour in the world

Blue cycling socks are among our best selling products. Blue is the color of the sky, water and music. Calm and reflection are not the only associations associated with blue. Blue is the most popular and most liked color in the world. This color combined with a neat dress and seriousness means that we receive the person very professionally.

Contrary to other dyes readily available in nature, blue, considered a noble color, was one of the most difficult and expensive to obtain. It was obtained from powdered lapis lazuli, a mineral valued more than gold by the ancient Egyptians. With the development of maritime trade, it became popular and then it was given the name azurreum ultramarinarum, which means lapis lapis from across the sea.

  • Blue is most often chosen as the first favorite color.
  • About 53% of flags in the world contain blue or shades of blue.
  • Blue is the color most often used in brand identity.
  • The nobility has ‘blue blood’ in all European languages.


Do you know Pablo Picasso and the period of his work called blue? At that time, Picasso created very emotional works, full of reflection and melancholy. Where does the name “blue” come from? Precisely from the associations evoked by blue colors.

Blue must be the color of the blues.

Read more our tips on how to choose cycling socks.

Put on with: white, orange, gold or gray
Try to wash only with colours

nologo classic logo
36 - 38
39 - 41
42 - 44
45 - 47
23 - 24.5
25 - 26.5
27 - 28.5
29 - 30.5
3.5 - 5.5
6 - 7.5
8 - 9.5
10 - 11.5
5.5 - 7.5
8 - 9.5
10 - 11.5
12 - 13.5
3.5 - 5.5
6 - 7.5
8 - 9.5
10 - 11.5
23 +/- 1,5cm
25 +/- 1,5cm
27 +/- 1,5cm
29 +/- 1,5cm

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blue cycling socks by nologo: a timeless essential for cyclists of all levels.

Classic Blue Cycling Socks


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