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Gravel Cycling Socks

Gravel cycling socks designed for off-road riding.

Our brand new gravel cycling socks have been specially designed to meet the requirements of long off-road riding, where, in addition to shocks, the feet are exposed to dust, mud and temperature differences. The socks use a number of innovations to obtain the best possible performance.

What socks should you choose for gravel cycling?

Our gravel socks differ mainly in the design of the bottom of the sock. It’s thicker and made of a special knitted weave, that absorbs vibrations. In addition, the heel area is strengthened and the upper is equipped with a wide, pressure-free cuff. This whole set of properties distinguishes our new gravel socks from socks intended for the road and it is these socks that we recommend for off-road riding.

MTB and Cyclocross socks.

The properties of our gravel socks make them perfect for other disciplines of cycling, such as MTB or Cyclocross. The set of colors in the nologo portfolio will be perfect for off-road routes and the ProlenYarn will provide great properties in terms of temperature and moisture management. Cycling socks made of this yarn, enriched with special off-road properties, are a great choice for any kind of ​​cycling where you go beyond paved roads.

The colors of gravel socks.

Cycling socks designed for riding in dust, mud, stones and off-road in general are exposed to difficult operational conditions. ProlenYarn, from which the nologo socks are made, allows to forget about soaking and permanent dirt. Thanks to this fact, we can use virtually any color of the sock and be sure that it will look good after each wash. However, our idea is to keep the terrain context, which is why nologo gravel socks are offered mostly in earthy colors.

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