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Giro d’Italia “San Boldo” Cycling Classics T-shirt + Artwork Print


This limited edition package includes a meticulously designed unisex Passo San Boldo t-shirt and print featuring a stunning graphic by Rożek, capturing the essence of the challenging northern Italian climb, “Road of 100 Days,” ideal for cycling enthusiasts.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Tribute to iconic cycling history.
  • Unique collaboration with renowned artist.
  • Optimal comfort with premium fabric.
  • Exclusive bundle includes collectible print.

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T-shirt and Print bundle for cycling enthusiasts

Included in this limited edition package is a meticulously designed unisex Passo San Boldo t-shirt, a tribute to one of the most iconic and challenging yet still not widely known climbs in northern Italy. Crafted with superior quality materials, this casual, unisex tee is a must-have for any cycling enthusiast seeking to conquer the legendary “Road of 100 Days.” Adorning the back of this t-shirt is a stunning graphic masterpiece created by Rożek. His intricate design captures the essence of Passo San Boldo, with its serpentine roads, hairpins hidden in tunnels, and the indomitable spirit of cyclists who dare to conquer its slopes. The design combines an artistic flair of Szczepan Rożek with nologo’s signature minimalist style.

The Climb that Defied Time

Passo San Boldo, a mountain pass nestled in the Veneto region, holds a rich history that dates back to World War I. In a remarkable feat of engineering, the Austro-Hungarian army constructed this winding road in just three months, earning it the nickname “Road of 100 Days.” With 18 hairpin turns, 5 tunnels blasted through solid rock, and 6 bridges, this climb is a true test of endurance and skill.

passo san boldo tshirt graphics

Passo San Boldo print to complement your interior

But that’s not all – also included is an A3 poster showcasing the same captivating graphics. Perfect for framing or displaying in your home, office, or cycling sanctuary, this poster serves as a visual representation of the Sal Boldo Pass – a climb like no other.

Designed for comfort, style, and collector’s appeal, our t-shirt and print bundle promises to elevate your wardrobe and décor with unparalleled elegance and authenticity. Join us in celebrating unique places cycling takes us with this exclusive collaboration from nologo x Rożek.

nologo’s signature minimalism and quality

Crafted to the highest standards of quality and comfort, our t-shirt in this exclusive bundle is made of super soft premium cotton, boasting a luxurious weight of 215g/m². Engineered with ring-spun combed cotton, it ensures a soft, smooth feel against your skin, promising unmatched comfort throughout the day. The top-stitched neck seam and tube construction enhance durability, while reinforcing tape on the neck and shoulders adds extra strength to withstand repeated wear. The fashionable 1×1 ribbed neckline offers a modern touch, completing the look with a sleek and polished finish. Available in sizes S to XL, our regular fit t-shirt is designed to flatter all body types, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Presented in classic black colour with striking white graphics, it starts the collection of our t-shirts with a strong statement of sophistication and timeless appeal.

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passo san boldo giro d'italia detail on tshirt
passo san boldo giro d'italia detail on tshirt
Szczepan Rożek

Graphic designer and painter based in Rzeszów, Poland. Known for his distinctive monochromatic style and intricate lines forming characteristic whirls, Rożek’s artistic endeavors span a wide spectrum of art and graphic design disciplines.

With a penchant for blending diverse forms of expression and approaches to design, his work resonates with depth and creativity.

The San Boldo Pass in Giro d’Italia

The hairpins and tunnels of Passo San Boldo have etched their mark in Giro d’Italia history. First conquering its slopes in 1966 on Stage 21, the “Road of 100 Days” instantly became a crucible where cycling legends were forged. Pietro Scandelli won the stage that year, while the iconic Gianni Motta donned the coveted Maglia Rosa. Over five decades later, the 2019 Giro returned to San Boldo’s serpentine roads on Stage 19, where Colombian climber Esteban Chaves claimed a heroic stage win after battling the 18 tornanti from Tovena earlier on the road. With each edition it graces, this wartime engineering marvel continues to challenge the world’s best cyclists, its punishing ramps and rock-hewn tunnels demanding every ounce of their skill and determination to conquer the legendary San Boldo Pass.

The Characteristics Of Passo San Boldo

Passo San Boldo is a small mountain pass located in the Veneto region of northern Italy, connecting the towns of Trichiana and Tovena over a distance of around 17 km (11 miles). Here are some key facts about this pass:

  • Elevation: The pass lies at an elevation of 706 m above sea level, at the southern edge of the Alps.
  • Road: A single-lane road with 18 hairpin turns, 5 tunnels blasted into the rock, and 6 bridges.
  • Construction: The current paved road was built in just 3 months (February to June 1918) by the Austro-Hungarian army during World War I to supply the Piave front. Around 1,400 workers including prisoners of war, women, and children constructed it, earning it the nickname “Road of 100 Days”.
  • Restrictions: There is a speed limit of 30 km/h and a height limit of 3.2 m due to the narrow tunnels where buses have gotten stuck.
  • Gradient: Despite the extreme topography, the maximum gradient was limited to 12% to allow transport of heavy artillery and supplies, with some ramps reaching 37% gradient.

Passo San Boldo is a historic and scenic mountain pass in northern Italy with an incredibly winding road built rapidly during WWI, featuring tunnels, hairpins and bridges carved into the mountainside.

Passo San Boldo has a fascinating history tied to World War I. Here are the key details about its construction and origins:

Passo San Boldo And Its World War I Construction

  • The current paved road over Passo San Boldo was built in just 3 months from February to June 1918 by the Austro-Hungarian army. This incredibly rapid construction earned it the nickname the “Road of 100 Days”.
  • Around 1,400 workers including prisoners of war, women, children, and elderly locals were pressed into service to build this strategically important supply route to the Piave front.
  • Despite the extreme mountainous topography, the maximum gradient was limited to 12% to allow transport of heavy artillery and military supplies, with some ramps reaching 37% gradient.
  • The road features 18 hairpin turns, 5-6 tunnels blasted through rock, and 6 bridges as engineering feats to overcome the difficult terrain.

Passo San Boldo Origins and Name

  • Prior to WWI, only a steep footpath existed over the pass since the 19th century, but plans to build a road had stalled.
  • The pass is named after San Boldo (or Sant’Ubaldo), a Spanish hermit who lived as a recluse in these mountains and later became a saint. It was formerly known as Passo Sant’Ubaldo.

Passo San Boldo’s current winding mountain road was an impressive engineering accomplishment constructed in record time during WWI by Austro-Hungarian forces to supply the front lines, giving it a rich military history.

nologo’s journey towards green future continues

Experience our commitment to sustainability with every shipment of our new Cycling Clssics T-Shirt collection. Each bundle is meticulously packed in bulk, minimizing our environmental footprint by utilizing only box and one cardboard tube per shipment. We’ve responsibly chosen EU sourced kraft packaging for durability and sustainability, ensuring your items arrive safely while eliminating use of plastic materials.

Join us in embracing eco-consciousness as you explore our range of sustainable t-shirts today. Ride towards a greener future with nologo.

2nd of the Cycling Classics T-shirt Collection:

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Attributes of Giro d’Italia “San Boldo” – Cycling Classics Unisex T-shirt


black + white graphics


S, M, L, XL

nologo t-shirts are made of:

100% Combed Ringspun Cotton, 215 g/m²
Top stitched rib knit collar
Tubular ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) construction – no seams on the sides
Reinforcing tape on the neck and shoulders


Machine wash at or below 40°C

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Giro d’Italia “San Boldo” Cycling Classics T-shirt + Artwork Print


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